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Let’s protect our planet by buying used products !

Buying used products from a second hand market helps protecting our planet in many ways:

  • Used products do not consume new resources. Every manufactured product is responsible for a certain amount of resources consumed – from farming cotton, clearcutting forests, mining for metals, or pumping out oil and all must be scraped out of the planet, with horrible environmental consequences. Luckily, there is an alternative – used items do not require any new resources to be consumed.
  • Buying used products reduce pollution. The growing and producing of stuff pumps a lot of pollution into the environment – including toxic chemicals, pesticides, and carbon emissions.
  • No need to produce energy for used products. The farming, harvesting, manufacturing and shipping of a new product requires quite a bit of energy from electricity and from oil. This is called "embodied energy". Used goods do not require any energy, except perhaps the gas required for you to drive over to the guy from Loqtaty.com house or store.
  • No packaging involved. When you buy almost any new product, it comes with some kind of packaging. The packaging materials, along with the actual product, use energy and resources to create. It can be really difficult to find a way to recycle all that packaging, or even more annoying, to have to throw it away. When you buy used through Loqtaty, you do not have any packaging to deal with.
  • Buying used supports the local economy. Buying from a neighbor keeps your money in the neighborhood, not headed off to big corporation headquarters. Most used products even if they are on the Internet, belongs to local family, not corporate behemoths. And if you buy it used, you are quite likely keeping it from rotting in a landfill.
  • Throwing away used electronic products is called "Technotrash". Technotrash is currently the most rapidly growing type of waste. These electronics contain all sorts of hazardous and toxic materials that are very unsafe for the environment. Therefore, when you buy used products, you are helping to reduce the hazards of Technotrash.