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Safety Advices

We are here to give our customers a free and easy way to buy, sell and find opportunities. We share here as much advice with our customers as we can keep them safe.

For Buyers

Too good to be true. We encourage customers to meet buyers or sellers in a public place in daylight. If anything bad or suspicious happens, they should get in touch with us straight away. If someone is breaking our rules and a customer reports them, we can block them and delete their ad. If it’s a very serious issue, we encourage customers to call the police.

Deal locally, face-to-face. This gives you the chance to check what you are buying before you pay.

Transactions are between users only. No third party provides a « guarantee ».

Check the item is real. Some things like phones or tickets are known for being either fakes or copies, so be aware of this and check the item before you buy it.

Try to pay cash. Some people are clever in taking your money when you pay online, so always aim for cash.

Never give out financial info (bank account, social security, PayPal account…)

Ask for paperwork. Especially when buying a car, or buying electronics. Ask for receipts, certificates or log books.

For sellers

If someone is paying cash, make sure you check the banknotes are real.

If a buyer says they have sent you too much money then asks for the surplus back, it’s probably a scam. Ask your bank if any money has gone in.

More advice

If you still have questions contact us before you trade. Waiting till after may be too late.